Tim Meyers (left) and Tim Hill (right), along with their wives (not pictured), are the current owners of Track Town Pizza. The Tim's both have been working for Track Town for many years, but this last year became the owners. They are excited about continuing the tradition of Track Town Pizza for all to enjoy for many years to come. The owners were asked to answer these four questions. Read on to learn a little more about the owners of Track Town Pizza. 1. When did you start working for Track Town Pizza? 2. When did you become the owners of Track Town Pizza? 3. What is your favorite pizza from Track Town Pizza? 4. What is your best Track Town Pizza memory? Tim Meyers 1. Jan 2, 2000. 2. From my knowledge there have been 4 previous owners of Track Town Pizza. I'm not sure of the name of the person who first opened Track Town Pizza, but after a few years he sold it to his son, who goes by Tom Happy now, not sure of his name then, but I was told he changed his name since to Tom Happy. Then his accountant Mary Parks/Slagle bought Track Town Pizza. In 1998 Jack Moore bought Track Town Pizza. Tim and I have worked for Jack since 1996. Sometime in 2017, Jack told us he would sell Track Town Pizza to Tim and I. On February 13, 2020, we finally took control of Track Town Pizza. 3. Back in 2008, just before the Olympic Trials came to Eugene, we wanted to put a pizza on the menu for the trials. We wanted to try and keep it basic with a few of our popular toppings. We ended up putting pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, olives, sausage and to top it off we covered it with freshly grated parmesan. We called the pizza the Olympian in honor of the upcoming Olympic Trials. We have been known for our BBQ chicken pizza, which is still our best-selling pizza, but the Olympian is a close second in pizzas ordered. 4. I've been here twenty years, so there are so many to pick from. I met my wife through Track Town Pizza and we have 3 wonderful kids now. After that, I would say the ability to help our community through fundraisers and donations. About 8 years ago we did a unique fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network. We put on a 5K race that got several high schools in the area involved. The few years that I was able to put the race on we helped raise over $8,000. We understand that without our community Track Town Pizza would not be here, so we try and help out as much as we possibly can. Tim Hill 1. I started at Track Town in 2006, but I began working for the company that owned Track Town in 1996. 2. Tim Meyers and I became co-owners of Track Town Pizza in February of 2020. Not only have we worked together for 17 years but we also grew up down the street from each other. Ownership has been a dream we, along with our wives, have had for many years and are blessed to see it become a reality. 3. The first pizza I ever had at Track Town was the 100 yard dash. It has been my favorite ever since!!! 4. My best memory is from the summer of 2016 when I catered Track Town Pizza to a wedding with my wife and daughters in Pleasant Hill, Oregon. It was a couple that went to school together at the University of Oregon and one of the places they loved to go together was Track Town. They were so happy and excited to have all their guests experience our pizza!! We really enjoyed this event and were happy to be part of their big day!!

Hannah (left), Aiden (center), and Kaitlin (right) are students at OSU studying computer science. During senior year, all students must complete a capstone project. This project takes place over an entire year and must be applicable to the real world. Kaitlin got in touch with the owners about redoing Track Town’s website for this project and the rest is history. Each of the team members enjoyed this project and learned a lot. The team members were asked to answer three questions. Read on to get to know each of the team members a little bit. 1. What is your favorite pizza at Track Town? 2. What did you learn through creating the website? 3. What is your favorite part of the new Track Town website? Hannah: 1. My favorite pizza (also out of what I've tried) is the 100 Yard Dash. 2. Through creating this website, I learned how to create a website with modern technologies, including Next.js, React, Bootstrap, MongoDB, and more. I gained real-world experience preparing a document-oriented database and connecting it to the website. 3. My favorite part of the new Track Town Pizza website is the home page because it acts as a convenient hub for visitors to stay updated not only on company information such as hours but also on upcoming events and recent blog posts that the owners can customize. This page helps bring the decades-old community that Track Town has built to the digital realm so that everyone can continue to feel connected even when they can't be at the Track Town location. Aiden: 1. My favorite pizza (out of the ones I've tried) is the Buffalo Chicken pizza 2. While creating this website I learned how to use React, Next.js, and a few other web technologies. I got a better understanding of Javascript and the wacky issues that one may encounter in web development. 3. My favorite part about the new Track Town Website is the new pizza menu, because those pizza pictures look so darn tasty. Kaitlin: 1. The 100 Yard Dash is definitely my favorite pizza. I really like the sweet and saltiness combined on the pizza. 2. I learned a ton about front-end development and design through this project. When creating a website, it is important to make it easy for people of all technology backgrounds to use. The website also needs to reflect Track Town Pizza as a company. It was challenging, but fun to try to piece those pieces together to create the website. 3. My favorite part of the Track Town website is the build-your-own pizza feature. This feature took me a really long time to build and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.